Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Road to Punchbowl Falls

Today I hiked to Punchbowl Falls on the Eagle Creek Trail. According to the online guides, it sounded like an easy to moderate hike--however, when I got out on the trail I quickly discovered it wasn't for the faint-of-heart.

For the first mile, the trail winds upward along the side of a canyon. Then, to my surprise, the trail kept climbing. About two miles in, my acrophobic nightmares were realized when a cable railing appeared to the side of the trail. However, my hiking partner gave me the encouragement (boot camp style) to keep moving. My fears that we were hiking the El Caminito Del Rey quickly subsided as we passed along the narrow ledge posing as a trail. Besides some snowy patches and downed trees, it was pretty easy from that point on.

When we got to the falls we took some mediocre pictures, so I guess we will have to return to take some better ones (lucky me).

I snapped this picture from my iPhone at the beginning of the cable rail on the way down. What a Vista!

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